Thursday, August 12, 2010

**Thursday**How to make silicone light bulbs

Hello everyone,
Well its Thursday and let me say I cant wait for the weekend to get here. We are working on so many new things and I am still trying to get 100 followers to our blog sites first 100 and there will be a giveaway so remember to invite your friends please! I thought that I would give you all a recipe for making silicone bulbs today I am sure that many of you prob have one but maybe there is something different about this one or maybe you can't find the darn thing LOL either way I am trying to do a freebie craft tip, recipe, or how to on Thursdays so here you are my prim friends.

Prepare the Silicone

1.Step 1

Roll the silicone tube back and forth between your palms. This warms the silicone and makes it thinner for dipping your bulbs. There is no need to add thinner to the silicone.

2.Step 2

Cut the tubing tip and squeeze the silicone into the disposable bowl. Once you have about 1/4 of the silicone in the bowl, stop and add three drops of essential oil in the scent of your choice. Add more silicone to the bowl.

3.Step 3

Fold the silicone three times and add two drops of model paint. Fold the paint into the silicone. Add more silicone until you have the bowl full enough so the bulb will be completely submerged. Fold the silicone until the color is distributed. You may choose to leave streaks for random bulb patterns. Do not stir the silicone.

Make Primitive Bulbs

Step 1

Screw the bulb in the socket to test and make sure it works. Remove the bulb.

Step 2

Unbend a paper clip. Wrap one end of the paper clip around the metal part of the bulb one time. Make sure the clip is holding the bulb securely. Bend the paper clip in a hook on the other end.

Step 3

Submerge the bulb in the center of the silicone until you have only the metal part of the bulb showing.

Step 4

Pull the bulb out of the mixture. If you want ripples in your bulb pattern, twist the bulb as you pull. For smooth patterns, simply pull straight out. Do not pull fast. A slow pull will give you a long tip that is important to the look of your primitive bulb.

Step 5

Tie your string between two posts. As you finish each bulb, hang them by the paper clip hook. Do not allow the bulbs to touch each other or anything else. Allow to dry three hours. You may be tempted to try to stretch the tip, but don't. It will lengthen as it dries.

Things You'll Need:

•Clear silicone caulk for outdoors

•Oil-based model car paint

•Essential scent oil

•Small disposable bowl

•Disposable butter knife

•5-watt or smaller light bulb

•Paper clip



  1. Let me know if you try these anyone and how they work out for you! :)

  2. I've made them like this also, they are fun to make and cheaper than buying them!!! Thanks for sharing with everyone!!!

  3. I am going to try this myself. I am always looking for something new to try.
    Thank you for sharing the technique to make the bulbs. It's greatly appreciated.
    Aunt B

  4. Cool...can't wait to try this!! thanks for signing up for my giveaway! patti